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Fashion Empowerment

Fashion that takes people’s peculiarities into consideration at Tallinn Fashion Week 

On September 16, the exhibition Fashion Empowerment, which is a joint project of the European Capitals of Culture 2011, Tallinn and Turku, is opened as a part of Tallinn Fashion Week. The aim of the project is to create practical but attractive fashion for people who do not usually belong to the fashion designers’ target group. 

The Fashion Empowerment exhibition which takes place in the Rotermann quarter was made possible due to the talented design and fashion students from Estonian Academy of Arts and from Turku NOVIA University of Applied Sciences under the guidance of the fashion designer Lili Jahilo and the Finnish social design researcher and scholar Kati Reijonen. 

“Nowadays, fashion is created for a very limited number of target groups. Beautiful and functional clothes can make the wearer feel better and boost their confidence, but many people cannot afford clothing like that because they do not belong to the fashion brands’ target groups due to the peculiarities of their body. The project which has lasted for half a year tries to provide innovative fashion solutions which take into consideration the needs of people,“ explains Lilli Jahilo. 

For example, during the project, clothing solutions were developed which are suitable for everyone but which meet the needs of visually impaired people. The clothes are made of materials which are pleasant to touch (for example velvet) and different materials have been incorporated into the garment using special technologies so that people can tell what is depicted on the clothes through touching.  

While creating clothes for people with mobility disabilities, emphasis is put on comfort and looseness without sacrificing the fashionable and attractive looks of the garment. In addition to that, these clothes have to be easy to put on so that people who use the wheelchair could clothe themselves. Leather designers have created shoes which take into account the peculiarities of their feet and created shoes which are both comfortable and functional but which are also colourful to raise the spirits of the wearer.

The exhibition is open in the Rotermann quarter from September 16 until October 9. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. The curator of the exhibition is Marit Ilison, the graphic designer is Tuuli Aule and the director of the introductory short film is Hanna Samoson. Fashion Empowerment is organised as a part of Baltic Fashion Project. 

This year’s Tallinn Fashion Week is the key fashion event in the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme. In addition to the Fashion Empowerment exhibition, several fashion shows from renowned Estonian fashion designers, fashion illustration and 3D installation exhibitions, seminars and other fashion-related events take place during Tallinn Fashion Week. Tickets for all TFW2011 fashion shows are available at Piletilevi sales outlets. 



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