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Venue: Design Night club

IF...Corner is the festival information centre where video materials and information about previous IF... festivals is displayed.

IF... is a series of festivals which promotes creativity and innovation and aims to introduce the success stories of different European regions where design has been the driver of innovation and change and to present the results of the collaboration between designers, engineers, businessmen, scientists and students to the public. 

Within the span of 2 years, 6 cities organised the Innovation Festival – Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn. Every city has chosen a topic which is prevalent in the region, stimulates development and increases awareness about innovation and design. The aim is not only to demonstrate excellent design but also to engage in a dialogue about and contribute to the processes taking place in the society like the climate change, pollution, environment without borders, etc. The festival emphasises innovation and user-friendly design, social inclusion, mobility, environmental awareness and the influence of technology on everyday life. People and their needs are in the centre of attention.

More about the IF...

The regional IF Labs

The IF Lab competition aims at identifying innovative ideas, concepts and prototypes. The participants are the finalists from national competitions organized and carried out during or linked with the Innovation Festivals that have taken place in six different European regions.

Each region has worked with specific criteria aligned with the themes set up for their Innovation Festivals:

IF Barcelona: IF Lab Barcelona Creative Ideas Contest is addressed at all residents of Catalonia, of full legal age and related to the Creative Industries, willing to contribute with creative business ideas that demonstrate excellence in innovation and creativity.

IF Milano: IdeasON Award was a contest aimed at identifying the best entrepreneurial ideas in some of the hottest sectors today: environment, digital technology, fashion, design, health and food.

IF Kortrijk: Innovative ideas were collected from citizens of all ages. From the best, 40 products were realized and produced at the IF lab at Howest University by students of Industrial Products Design.

IF Lisbon: The topics for the contest were: diversity, mobility and inclusion towards social innovation. The ideas to be presented should be innovative and completely imagined and developed in Portugal with Portuguese materials. Participants were also required to reside in Portugal. Ideas were presented in a maximum of 4 panels in A3 format, containing text and illustrative photos or drawings.

The following criteria were used:

- What is the issue / problem / barrier you wish to solve?

- Why is your idea innovative / unique / original?

- Which advantages can such idea bring?

IF Vilnius: To be determined

IF Tallinn: To be determined

International IF Lab

The finalists from the six Innovation Festivals will be exhibited in Poster format at the IF Tallinn event and will be subject to evaluation of an International Judge. The winner will be awarded a prize decided by the partner(s) of the country which the winning project represents. The jury will evaluate the finalist ideas/ concepts/ prototypes based on the following criteria:

- Ideas for societal challenges: Does the idea / concept / prototype address an identifiable societal challenges in a clear and pertinent manner?

- Ideas for innovation: Does the idea / concept / prototype present technological or non-technological innovation in one or more of the aspects below?

o Business model innovation

o Partnership / collaborative innovation

o Process innovation

o Product / service innovation

o Social innovation

o Open innovation

- Ideas for commercial success: Does the idea / concept / prototype have a good chance to become commercially successful either as a product / service or business model?

- Ideas for sustainability: Does the idea / concept / prototype respect and promote environmental, social and economic sustainability?

Jury procedures

The IF Lab will be evaluated by a group of 3 – 5 jury members. They will be selected by the project partners and should reflect a balanced mix of Academic, Industrial and Business knowledge. Jury members’ backgrounds might include: innovation and design management, new business development, social innovation, technology management and development.

Jury members cannot have been directly involved in the selection of participants of the national competitions.

The criteria will be used as the basis for the discussion but they are only indicative and it is up to the jury to decide on the winner as fruit of their internal deliberation. Scoring cards will be distributed among jury members to assess each participant and they are invited to use the composite results of the scoring cards as basis for discussion. Members of project coordination team will supervise the process and assist jury members with any procedural issues that might arise.


28.09 10:15 FASHION DESIGN PROGRAMME “Design Is in Fashion” today at 17.00Loe edasi
28.09 10:00 Discussion of exhibition "Design Misstakes" today at 12.00Loe edasi
27.09 14:00 DESIGNERS FACEBOOK exhibition now also in internetLoe edasi
27.09 12:15 FUND-RAISING DESIGN AUCTION today at 19.00Loe edasi
27.09 12:00 Design Office today at 12−18Loe edasi
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