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Workshop for teachers “What Does the School of the Future Look Like?

Organised by Architecture Hobby School 
Time: 27.09 12.00−13.30
Venue: Teater NO99, Sakala 3
Participation: prebooking until 25.09 at, maximum 20 participants.
Ticket: Free

General education schools usually reflect on the topic of space only briefly in their everyday work. The teachers of Architecture Hobby School think that wider circulation of spatial education is important in order to help the new generation become more aware of space. The workshop organised by the Hobby School offers practical guidelines to teachers about how to interweave spatial education into existing subjects and make lessons more interesting by incorporating the topic of space.

The workshop introduces the ongoing architecture competition “Dream School House”. It is an idea competition directed at school children where the aim of the participants is to offer a vision of a truly good school. The competition is looking for a carefully thought-out vision of what kind of working environment is appealing and inspiring for students and teachers. In the workshop, we introduce architecture based on the example of a school and talk about the topics and tasks which the teachers can later try out in their classes.

The Estonian Centre of Architecture’s Architecture Hobby School is one of a few similar institutions in Northern Europe and the Baltics. The aim of the Architecture Hobby School is to offer spatial education for students and youngsters, concentrating on understanding, sensing and creating space. The Hobby School offers an opportunity to actively take part in the processes of spatial design and have a say at designing the surrounding environment and directing their own lifestyle and habits more wisely. 

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