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Community college of design

Time: 26.09 15.00−17.00
Venue: Teater NO99, Sakala 3
Ticket: Free 

This year’s Design Night festival is devoting special attention to design education. This is, of course, what the Estonian Academy of Arts does – they instruct students on how to navigate the concept, values, opportunities, techniques, strategies and the aesthetics of design in order to implement their ideas. 

The framework of the design festival offers a great opportunity for bringing design education closer to the general public because after all, design is made for the greater good of the society. Thus, everyone who is interested can take part in open lectures by three lecturers who bring their everyday lectures to the NO99 theatre.
The lectures are in cooperation with Estonian Academy of Arts.

Lecturers are:
- Ülle Marks - renowned graphic artist
- Kärt Summatavet - Estonian jewellery designer
- Tanel Veenre  - jewellery designer, MA curriculum manager, professor
- Lennart Mänd - leather design department manager, professor

Ülle Marks has a graphics degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts and she is a renowned graphic artist. Ülle has a remarkably expressive style. Her handwriting is characterised by a strong and sensitive line which is drawn with a free hand. Ülle looks at and shows life from extraordinary points of view through the way she uses the line. She is the director of the drawing studio of the Design Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts and she has injected all of her students with the idea “A LINE SAYS MORE THAN A WORD”. Ülle’s lectures at the Estonian Academy of Arts are becoming legendary. This spring, she was the curator of the popular exhibition “KNOW YOUR BODY 1” by the drawing studio of the Design Department. More information about Ülle Marks and her students can be found on the Facebook page of the Estonian Academy of Arts. 

Kärt Summatavet is an Estonian jewellery designer who uses native motifs and old traditions in her work. In addition to that, she is also a printmaker and book designer. Summatavet studied in the Estonian Academy of Arts and after the first year she travelled to Siberia to the Mansi people to discover their way of living. The trip was so impressive that she left her heart there. In the Estonian Academy of Arts, Kärt teaches national art. Additional information about Kärt and her works can be found in this Estonian Public Broadcasting clip. 

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