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Discussion of exhibition − Design Misstakes

Time: 28.09 12.00−15.00
Venue: Kino Helios, Sauna 7
Ticket: Free

The examples of unsuccessful design are brought to the Design Night audience, the selection is made from amongst the proposals of design hobbyists and best parts of “Design Misstakes and Lessons Learned” seminar. 
We will leave the sheets of design notebooks open to be analysed by the sharp eyes of the guests, we give around red pens to identify the design mistakes. It is allowed to give marks, but mostly we hope to start a discussion over the reasons of the mistakes and characteristics of good design.

Is this design understandable? Is it making somebody´s life easier? Is it working? Is it durable? Is it beautiful? The idea behind the exhibition is – lessons learned, so we courage everybody to fill the notebook sheets with solutions for improvements.




28.09 10:15 FASHION DESIGN PROGRAMME “Design Is in Fashion” today at 17.00Loe edasi
28.09 10:00 Discussion of exhibition "Design Misstakes" today at 12.00Loe edasi
27.09 14:00 DESIGNERS FACEBOOK exhibition now also in internetLoe edasi
27.09 12:15 FUND-RAISING DESIGN AUCTION today at 19.00Loe edasi
27.09 12:00 Design Office today at 12−18Loe edasi
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