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Time: 28.09 at 17.00
Venue: Theatre NO99, Sakala 3
Ticket: 10/7 € (member of EDL, student, pensioner) 
Tickets are available at the festival information centres, Kaubamaja pop-up shop and Estonian Design House gallery. 

This year’s Design Night festival includes a block which is devoted to fashion design which is compressed into one performance which includes works by both already renowned designers and ambitious newcomers. 

Design is solving a problem in an aesthetic, functional and innovative way. From this, you can derive the hypothesis of fashion design – how to cover the body taking into account all the technological, cultural, economic aspects and in a format which is attractive to people? The clothing brands which take the stage at Design Night tackle the “task” of fashion design and the season / number of the collection is an expression of continuity as well as a way of reflecting on the general trends in fashion. 

Textile lasts for decades which means that the products made from this material should fit into the long-term cultural environment and retain its stylishness and aesthetic appearance in order to decorate the body through several seasons. Let us think of garments as design products which are always in fashion!

The Design Night fashion designers base their work on a certain kind of aesthetics and values – regional manufacturing, client-specificity, carefully chosen materials - aka justified design. 


Coats, cardigans, scarves, shawls, etc. are made primarily for people who value freedom and creativity. The design of the products is based on the essence and character of the textiles and the designer makes a small amount of cuts to tailor the textile to the body – this is how garments are made. 

The fashion designer found inspiration from the Moon (“Kuu” in Estonian) – the celestial body with magic transformation skills which is always looking at Earth with one side while keeping the other side hidden. The choice of materials used in the collection is just as varied as the mystic enlightener of our nights. 

“Lines” is an interdisciplinary collaboration project between the young Estonian fashion designer Anna Viik and the UK rapper J-flowz which combines fashion, design, video art and hip-hop music into a coherent fashion show. 

The coat collection “Tent 2” by Kairi Lentsius, who is the author of the experimental brand Lentsius Design, is made from tents which have been used for several decades. The graphics on the material caused by fading and rain become a natural pattern through which the author emphasises how textile changes in time and how natural this process is. 

One of the pioneers of sustainable fashion design and innovators of the production system on a global scale, Reet Aus, presents her new collection. The collection is made in Bangladesh using the upcycling method from the industrial scraps of Beximco.

Fashion shows are in cooperation with companies Canon, Overall, Smoked Sparrow, The Body Shop, TrendExpress, Maiasmokk, Sfäär jpt.


28.09 10:15 FASHION DESIGN PROGRAMME “Design Is in Fashion” today at 17.00Loe edasi
28.09 10:00 Discussion of exhibition "Design Misstakes" today at 12.00Loe edasi
27.09 14:00 DESIGNERS FACEBOOK exhibition now also in internetLoe edasi
27.09 12:15 FUND-RAISING DESIGN AUCTION today at 19.00Loe edasi
27.09 12:00 Design Office today at 12−18Loe edasi
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